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Favorite Food App

This app is seriously the best ever for cooking recipes. Ive gotten so used to all the wonderful features like the fact that it stays open while you cook,and you can cross things off as you go, that I get frustrated having to use other ones that dont have these features. Delicious recipes that even my meat-loving husband raves about!

Beautiful & delicious!

Angelas recipes are always my go to for dinner parties and special occasions. You can NOT go wrong with any of her stuff!! The app is beautiful, instructions are easy to follow and new recipes are being added all the time. Love it!!


Great app! Love the recipes and the beautiful pictures!

THE BEST Recipe App EVER!!

Angela and her OhSheGlows app is fabulous! Not only are the recipes amazing and easy to follow, but the features in the app make it even easier. As you work your way thru the recipe, you can mark off the ingredient and the direction so you dont lose your place. She also has tips that I find extremely helpful. This is a must buy app!!!

Love it

Great tool to have on hand for unplanned trips to the grocery store or when youre leaving work and trying to decide what to make for dinner!

This is how apps are supposed to be!

Works perfectly on my iPad; has delicious recipes (though duplicates of the cookbook, looking forward to new updates); can tag favorites; great filtering options; can type notes in the recipe for next time. Fabulous! Totally worth the cost.

Beautiful and Easy to Use!!!

Thanks Angela! This app is so beautiful and easy peesy! And she regularly adds more recipes!

Get it!

All cookbooks/apps should operate with this ease, beauty and fun! Get it!

Beautiful recipes

I love this app. A collection of all vegan recipes that I love trying! A wide variety of everything from smoothies to soups to entrees. Would highly recommend!

Stunning, Handy, Helpful App

Whether youre new to plant-based cooking or youre an old pro, this app will not disappoint. Its the epitome of what Ive come to expect from Angela Liddon - gorgeous photos, easy & healthful recipes, and 100% user friendly. The app is regularly updated and, trust me, you get your moneys worth! I also highly recommend for those of you who are not currently interested in eating vegan meals, but are just looking for some delectable gluten-free, nut-free, or dairy-free recipes.

Great app!

Love Angelas recipes! Its so convenient now to have them at my fingertips!

Great App

Love it! Wish there were more recipe, I thought it was going to be similar in content to her website, however there are nearly 100 recipes. There are ingredient lists, directions and nifty tips for every recipe!

Love the app!

Beautiful photos and easy to follow the ingredient list and recipes!

Love this app

I own the cookbook but this such an easy way to find and use the recipes! The pictures are lovely and the notes and tips section make it easy to jot down changes or variations or check for ideas on substitutions!

Long time follower of Oh She Glows

Every time I need to get back on track with my health I turn to Oh She Glows. Ive followed her success since 2010 and love that she now has an app. I like being able to cross through the ingredients and add notes as I go along in the app. I was kind of hoping there would be a daily menu option so I could add recipes to different days of the week. An easy way to make a grocery list based on recipe ingredients would keep me coming back to the app and an easy way to forward recipes to myself or others would also be nice. I also hope she plans on adding more recipes. I was expecting to see more.

Big fan

Beautiful application from my favorite vegan chef. A find this app a pleasure to use in the kitchen.

Incredible recipe resource

Wow! This app is remarkable and it keeps getting better and better! I love all the recipes, and I love that you can mark your favorites and write your own notes on the recipes. I have raved about this app, recommended this app, and gifted this app to my friends. Angelas recipes totally fit my lifestyle and each one is a hit with my family and friends. I love Oh She Glows!!!

A new life!

I love the Oh She Glows app, and the new lifestyle it is helping me achieve. The app works great, it is easy to use and I can write notes on the recipes to help me make them better in the future. What I love best, is that the recipes are so good, I dont even realize Im eating healthy. Im feeling better, losing weight, and dont even miss the junk I used to eat because the food is so good.

Fantastic for new vegans

Angela helped me in my first days of becoming vegan and I was so excited to see she now has an app! For anyone thinking of being vegan or need help finding your way through veganism, oh she glows is the best!


I absolutely love this app and everything Angela creates!!!

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