Oh She Glows App Reviews

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Everything Ive made so far has been really really good! Easy to follow directions and ingredients arent hard to get. The photos are gorgeous. Cant say enough good things a in the app -- just love! Thanks Angela and OSG! xoxoxo


Love this app great recipes and so far they are easy and even the kids likes them win win for this mom


Everything Angela does is gold. I literally like every recipe she creates and I dont feel this way about anyone else. I love the new app! It is beautiful.

Angela does it again!

First, I fell in love with the blog. Then, I feel in love with the cookbook. Now, I hope I never have to live without the app. If you are new to veganism, just want to add a few healthier meals to your life, or just love really good food, this app is for you. The app is constantly adding recipes and its such a bargain for only a few bucks. Dont hesitate!!

Great recipes at your fingertips

Im a long-time fan of the Oh She Glows blog and Angelas amazing recipes, so I love the convenience of having them right at hand in an app. (Plus she keeps adding more!) I find the app works very well--and its beautiful to look at. Well done.

As good as the book!

Delicious recipes, easy to use app. Love it!


Oh She Glows was my favorite cookbook and now my favorite app! Its so great to have my recipes with me to run to the grocery store afterwork...and the app is visually gorgeous !! I cant wait for her new cookbook later this year!!!

Love OSG!

I have been reading this blog and making the recipes on it for a couple of years. The app is a great extension of the blog. The picture are beautiful and the recipes are easy to read.


Beautifully designed. I love having Angelas recipes right at my fingertips. The app is so pretty and easy to use.


How can that be possible in this day and age??

A diabetics nightmare

I was looking for some inspiration in adding more veggies and fruit into my necessarily low carb meals. But no nutritional information is included in the recipes. Its a real pretty app though. Ill continue using the much more helpful New York Times Recipes app.

Fantastic for new vegans

Angela helped me in my first days of becoming vegan and I was so excited to see she now has an app! For anyone thinking of being vegan or need help finding your way through veganism, oh she glows is the best!

Awesomeness right at your fingertips!

I love this app for so many reasons. While shopping you have the ingredients right there in your phone. When youre out with friends and they inevitably ask… How do you get your protein? Instead of blowing up and throwing something at them you can open this app and show them the most delicious recipes that would turn any meat lover!! Love it love it!!!


I love tha app, her, her book, and blog;however, I already on the book and was looking for a lot of different recipes. There are a bunch of different ones, but I already have her fabulous enchilada recipe. She changed/ had a different enchilada recipe here, but I kinda had that one down. Its great to try new ways of making something. Also, I wanted it to have more recipes. Anyways, its still great and I LOVE it!! Angela always does a magnificent job. Ill bring buying her new cookbook as well when its released in Sept!! Im so excited for it :). I hope the new cookbook includes a gf whole grain pizza recipe, ravioli,and especially vegan "chicken" nuggets. The only recipes Ive found online and edible ate good with the garbanzo beans they require, but I know Angela could make them stand out!!! And perfect. So yes, Im a bit biased but you gotta love whole food vegan meals,, thanks AL

Awesomeness in an app

I only eat plant based food, my husband and daughters doesnt and Angelas food is just loved by everyone at home!! It is delicious and amazing!! What I love the most about Angelas recipes is that she manage to make them super nutritious as well! The app just made the access to the recipes easier! ...and as always, with beautiful pictures ❤️❤️❤️

Foolproof and just plain delicious

Looking for crowd pleasing foolproof recipes? Download this app. It doesnt matter that everything in it is vegan, this is just plain good food, period. I have followed many recipe creators, vegan and non-vegan, from Americas Test Kitchen to Martha Stewart--and Oh She Glows is my #1 go-to. The chickpea tuna salad had my Texas BBQ loving relatives asking for the recipe, seriously!

Beautiful simplicity

Ive been an avid Oh She Glows follower for years. With this app, Angela and Eric outdid themselves and are on the tip of innovation for making whole food cooking more accessible in a simple, beautiful app experience. I do batch cooking/prepping on Sundays so I appreciate the "favorites" feature so I can separate out the recipes Im cooking/prepping for the week as "favorites"... And then subsequently revisit their last steps easily during the week when Im cooking the full meal.


I love everything she does!

Love it!

Easy to use. Beautiful photography. Excellent recipe selection to with and I love that shell be adding more over time. Will be using this over and over. Its like an ever-evolving cookbook!

Favorite app

Couldnt pass the opportunity to have the Oh She Glows portable recipes! Love all her recipes therefore love her app!!

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