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One Awesome App.

Excellent plant based recipes & very user friendly. Highly recommend.

Vegan not so much plant based

This is a Vegan app, not so much plant based. Meaning, lot of soy, faux cheese, faux meat flavoring, oil etc...


I can’t say enough positive things about Oh She Glows. Perfect for gluten free vegans & the recipes taste great. Ingredients are easy to find even for those of us that live in remote rural areas that don’t have natural food type stores in our area. It is obvious that a lot of thought & work went into creating the recipes. Thanks to Angela for writing 2 amazing cookbooks & now a great app that I can take with me everywhere.

Great app

Great app. I’ve been a huge fan of Angela Liddon for years now. I have both of her cookbooks and follow her blog pretty closely. This app is gorgeous and convenient. The initial app purchase gets you a lot of great recipes. The app then offers other bundles of recipes some free and some purchased which I’m guessing she will add to. The only reason this app isn’t getting a 5 is that I’ve been having trouble getting the bundles to download. Might just be a bug that they’ll work out later.

Thank you, Angela!

My husband and I have been living a 100% plant based lifestyle for two years now and Angela and many other special people have been instrumental in making this work for us so well. The website and app are literally filled with excellent, delicious recipes that are so easy to prepare. We could not have made this wonderful, LIFE-SAVING, transition so easily without the contributions to the vegan community by people like Angela. This app works great and I highly recommend it!

Lovely and Delicious!

Have loved Angela’s website for years. The app is even better! Beautiful, easy to navigate, affordable! Highly recommend to vegans and non-vegans (like me)

Great app!

I love this blog and love that the app stays open when I’m cooking. I only wish it had a menu option or a place where I could save the recipes I want to use that week. Other than that, stellar! Beautiful pictures!


I have over 100 apps on my phone, and this is by far the most visually pleasing. Also wonderfully intuitive and easy to navigate. I seldom take the time to rate apps, but I just had to rate this one. Kudos to the developer as well as the chef.

Not what I was expecting

This app has only 30 main dish / entree recipes and you need to scroll down bottom past deserts to find them . Same as you can find on her site . Not was I was expecting.

Plant Based, Every Recipe a Winner

I have followed the OSG blog for years, and was so happy to see this app come to life. New recipes keep getting added, and every one I have tried are fabulous. They range from simple to complex, and the flavors are right on. A great compliment to her two books.

More recipes please!!

Love Oh She Glows. Thought this app would be a great way to have the recipes all together-it is, but there are not enough of them!


Angela's recipes are so good and never fail me! Great for vegans or anyone wanting to explore adding vegan dishes to their diet.

Favorite cooking app

Beautifully designed. Delicious, often very simple recipes, and accurate instructions.

A Lifesaver!

Angela has breathed fresh life & joy into her books, blogs & recipes. They are imaginative, delicious & well-written recipes that reproduce again and again, with consistent results. Buy this book NOW!

Love these recipes!

I own both books and was so glad when the price of the app lowered. I would like to see more recipes. The website has so many! I see some duplicates from the books on the app Love her recipes! Everything I make is delicious. The first cookbook is my all time favorite Thanks!

Best recipe app EVER!!

I love using this app! The design is so elegant and the recipes are wonderful!

Time consuming

To the novice these recipes are very time consuming.


I have been a follower for a long time. I love vegan recipes that are good for you but can also be indulgent.. it’s an easy and beautiful app..

The best!

Everything I’ve made from the books and this blog has been delicious! Big Mahalos for sharing!

Without doubt fool proof recipes

Don’t be deterred by the work on some of these recipes they will knock the socks off your feet that’s how good they are

Decent app, but it should be free

There are some great recipes in here however this is nothing more than a well-done blog. When I paid for the app I assumed that recipes would be updated regularly, and they don’t seem to be added to much at all. There are so many wonderful vegan bloggers on social media now that do just as well as this app for free… In hindsight I would not have paid for it.

Vegan Perfection!

Beautiful app! Great photos and easy to follow directions. Angela's notes are very helpful!

Yum and clearly written

Angela, thank you so much for your recipes. They have helped me eat plant based for much of 2017. Friends, everything here is super delicious. Seriously the tastiest foods I have ever made! Yes, Angela uses sugar, salt, and oil (usually coconut). But that is not a bad thing. Because the amounts are reasonable for the human body. And they are a small fraction compared to pre-made store food. They have helped me wean myself off of pastries, etc. I am inspired to keep experimenting with delicious plant-based foods in 2018.

Great starting point for those interested in vegan recipes

I am not a vegan but I try to eat one or two plant-based meals each day. These recipes are delicious, easy to follow, and very filling. I think if you’re interested in starting a plant-based diet, this is a great place to start because preparing these recipes will help you acquire many of the common ingredients you’ll need to stock for a vegan/vegetarian pantry.

Great app little recipes

Great app but so little recipes. Waiting to see if they’re going to be adding on frequently

Great Experience

I bought the her first cookbook, love it. So naturally I enjoy getting new recipes, all in one place on the app. So convenient, beautiful pictures, and I can actually prepare the recipes!! Looking forward to the new book coming out.

Kind of skimpy and fattening

I love the pictures and the idea, but was disappointed that there were so few recipes and the ones there were don’t fit into my Weight Watchers plan. You can make anything “taste good” by piling on salt, fat and sugar.... you just can’t maintain good health if you actually eat it. Just a pretty picture book, nothing here for real vegans to eat for their daily meals. No eye for nutrition, only indulgence.

No print option

I know it's not a very “green” thing to do but a paper copy while cooking is better than risking damage to an expensive electronic device. Please update with an option to print!


This app is amazing! Such a beautiful tool and so much fun and inspirations. Easy and very intuitive. Simple, I love the layout and that it's very self explanatory. Great job! One of the best apps I have used in long time

The Best

These are the best recipes out there. Every. One. Thank you!

I’m in love!!

I love the simplicity and flexibility of every recipe, the pure ingredients that are suggested, and the heart that goes into all that is shared. I am also IN LOVE with the app itself. Its design is far superior to other recipe apps like AllRecipes. 💛💛💛


Though it’s only $1.99 I wasn’t expecting to get what I got. Complete waste of money.

Was expecting her full library of recipes not a small selection

Just purchased and looked through this app, getting through all the included recipes in under 3 minutes. I'm super confused as a long time reader of her blog- I have way more of her recipes saved in my rss reader that I saved for free! Why on earth not include them for your paying subscribers? Not even really worth taking up space on my phone. And an "extra pack" of a whopping 5 recipes for extra $$$? What is this a kids' game? Highly disappointing.

App fail

Would love to use but shuts down on my iPad. ?.?

Thank you!

This is making my vegan journey a breeze. These recipes are easy snd so good.

The bestest healthiest recipes ever!!

I love every single recipe Angelia shares. And I’m very very picky. You might even call me a fanatic. Try here vegan enchiladas, her chocolate Chip cookies ooooh or her chocolate mouse. Ah-maz-ing!!!

Too Many Ingredients!

I really like the app. The photos of the dishes are beautiful. However, many of the recipes require too many ingredients. I follow several vegan YouTubers, and they’ve managed to make plant-based cooking simple without breaking the bank or buying a bunch of ingredients that will only be used once. People nowadays are trying to prepare quick meals that are healthy and budget-friendly. This app is for people who have a lot of time to shop and cook. Or people who don’t work.

So lucky to have found oh she glows ☺️☺️

This app is so well designed and the recipes are all incredible!

Need more recipes

The app crashed on me several times when I first used it. I wish there were more recipes similar to her blog


I am disappointed at the lack of new content.

Almost perfect

I absolutely love the recipes on this app! The only thing it could use is a note from the “forks over knives” app with shopping lists for ingredients.

Oh She Glows

Love everything that Angela offers!

Love Angela's recipes!!

I became vegan about 6 years ago and fortunately discovered Angela's Oh She Glows blog and online recipes pretty early in my transition. I love the variety and that her recipes are so flavorful and (mostly) healthy (mostly only because she does great desserts, too :)). I highly recommend the app and her books, too!

Love the convenience!

I love everything about this app. The structure is well considered, which makes it exceedingly easy to use. Great pictures, recipes...a beautiful cookbook on my phone. Thanks!


So many great vegan recipes!!

Always Amazing

Just like her cookbook, the app is wonderful and great to have along with me at the grocery store.

Love this app!

So easy to use! The pictures are beautiful and the recipes are thorough. Especially love being able to mark my favorites and make notes! So far, everything is delicious!

Best quick, easy, delicious vegan recipes

I absolutely love Oh She Glows recipes. As a mom of two little ones, quick and easy is a must, but as a holistic health coach organic and nutritious is also a MUST! She accomplishes both and recipes are loved by all.

Where are the rest?

Why does the app have less recipes then the free website? Wish I could have my money back.

My go to app for healthy cooking

Love this app!

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